Burial Moon – S/T (Mystical Darkness Raw Black Metal)


This one surprised me for reasons that might escape the usual listener. I was told once I review too much black metal, but that happened to be a coincidence for the time and now that winter draws closer I have an excuse if I wanna engage. At any rate, I know the tropes, you know the tropes. Burial Moon features all of the tropes; B/W aesthetic, some forest shit on the cover, and spiky, wispy logo (but thankfully legible). But, note, I’ve only mentioned the superficial. That’s the artistic surface, but as you stare further into the shade of a human on the cover, you’re going to find more depth, and more terror.


Of course printed on the blackest of vinyl, Burial Moon cannot be simply sampled, because you’ll get the wrong impression. Is that Norwegian riff static? Is that overwrought tremolo of the icy mountains? Is that…wait a minute… See, this isn’t what you thought. Burial Moon crafts an astoundingly noisy portrait, yet the music is so luminous it gives eyes to what would simply be a shade of being. It’s its own damn headspace, a new state of psychological existence. It’s a star-killer, a grave devourer, a mystical slice to the throat of the occult. Most daring, however, is the vocal delivery, which opts for hovering moans and bizarre, clean moments that rip from shrieks like a brief step back into life before dying again. Truly an amazing take on what can be an absolutely tiresome genre.


Burial Moon Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Burial Moon – S/T
Signal Rex

Cover Art: Ainul Iblis
4.7 / 5