Demoncy – Diabolica Blasphemiae (Traitorous Bones Blackened Death Metal)


Though part of the original guarde of black metal in the United States, I’ve never really considered Demoncy to be black metal, though I have always considered them to be awesome. Their earlier work certainly hearkens back to the early 1990s wave from Norway, but as time went on they developed their own, Californian, sunburnt, mesa-dwelling vampire style to where I’m not really sure what you can call them. Though deserving of one of the front-line positions for USBM, perhaps even supreme commander, when you listen to Diabolica Blasphemiae you’ll see why they’re essentially their own thing. Time to realize that genre-tagging doesn’t do anyone much of good these days. Demoncy is here, accept them as-is.


Do you mean like an as-is sale, sir? No, I mean as-is in the sense that as is Demoncy. Something like that. Calling this black metal? What kind of provincials are running this shit out there? Demoncy is vile. Demoncy is dark to the point of void. Demoncy is evil to the point of love. Not making any sense? That’s because the only thing wrong with Diabolica Blasphemiae is you’ll want more tracks out of it. The riffs are cathedralic and layered, at times, with a devious edge. The ambient touches have been noted by others, but likely the most important detail herein is the vocal delivery. Like a lecherous, blind archbishop with a festering skin condition, they ruin innocence and strip humanity bare to its traitorous bones. Even though an EP coming strangely right after a full-length within the same week (lol wtf), Diabolica Blasphemiae is masterful regardless of length and the cover just awesome. Buy the shirt too.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Demoncy – Diabolica Blasphemiae
Hells Headbangers Records

Cover Art: Nestor Avalos
4.7 / 5