Phantom – Handed to Execution (Neck-Wrecking Witch Metal)


As before, let me say it, I usually don’t review an album after release except in rare cases where something moves me enough. Mexico’s Phantom is just such a rarity. Now, that might be a bit deceptive since there’s nothing entirely new here, this is speed and thrash metal, after all, but the rare detail is how well these guys slay that blackened vein (leaning more heavily towards speed). Phew, Handed to Execution deserves a purchase of several items of merch from this sorcerous quartet. They’re summoning a real fan base with this one.


It’s a devious spell, a curse, call it what you will, but I don’t mind using the term ‘witch’ for once in reference to Phantom. Because there’s some real speed metal witchery going on here. From the crummy cover dripping with teenage unrequited love turned spite art to the band photos where one of the dudes appears ready to decap the rest of the band with a rapier (swear to God), these devious chaps are here to summon skeletal entities. They’ve only been around two years, but Phantom shreds your skin off with two decades of style. The solos fly like they sold their souls to perform them, the riffs rip and tear with a static edge, and the vocals join in echoing calls for more blood to the altar. Toss in a dripping blood axe as part of the logo (one of the coolest ever btw), and you get the full package in Handed to Execution. Shit will wreck…your…neck!


Phantom Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Phantom – Handed to Execution
Inframetal Records

Cover Art: Juan Carlos García Gutiérrez (Necrohexx)
4.8 / 5

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