Demon’s Souls (The Dark Souls Before Dark Souls)


Before the infamy gained by Dark Souls, From Software tried all of their groundbreaking ideas (arguably first) in the lesser known game called Demon’s Souls. Thanks to Bluepoint Games, Demon’s Souls is updated for modern consoles with systems and visuals built from the ground up. Unless you have vintage systems accessible (is the PS3 really vintage now?) the PS5 Remake of Demon’s Souls is the definitive way to play this classic, though technically it plays like a prototype of Dark Souls. Since it’s getting a PC and Xbox drop this year, let’s consider.


Classic From Software games are designed with a central hub and interconnecting dungeons that have optional shortcuts back to the main hub. Demon’s Souls built the blueprints for this level design in its miniature hubs, with each world having to be teleported to (or cutscened) and having small interconnecting shortcuts within. There are also archaic annoyances, like “Item Burden,” which limits the amount of items you can be carrying (not equipped) at a time. Notably, item weight (again, not equip weight) means that you constantly have to go back to the hub world to drop off upgrade shards and other normally useful consumables. Additionally, world changing mechanics are present in the form of world tendency, which is caused by in-game events that you only realize after completing have caused a permanent change, at times even making the game harder. I get why the community is so in love with this game including the old-school style annoyances, so if you’re a soulsborne fan, Demon’s Souls is a definite recommendation.


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Written by Steve, Cleaver of Plebian Flesh

Demon’s Souls
Bluepoint Games (developer), Sony Interactive Entertainment (publisher)
4.1 / 5