kariti – Dheghom (Dungeon Folk)


I’m not sure if this is a conflict of interest but since I’m not releasing this one I guess not, right? I’m a bit partial to kariti, one reason of which is the fact that I received permission from her and Aural Music to do a co-release of her full-length Covered Mirrors on vinyl, but more importantly because she crafts folk of such a dark, dungeony quality I can’t help but enter a medieval stupor (of the Eastern European variety). More folk releases are coming into the promos recently, but few deserve my attention. kariti is receiving it not for my own release (notice I haven’t mentioned how you should buy that, damn it), but for her constant movement past her own boundaries.


Dheghom sees her sound developing further. From the poetic roots of her earlier work, we see by this point further utilization of electronics and, at times, more space for the vocals to cover the listener in the arcane. I daresay, at times, this particular release is something one could call “dungeon folk” as opposed to “dungeon synth,” for instead of placing itself in a misty environment, it sounds rather dank and within collapsed ruins. Let’s go with that since it sounds cooler. Melancholia still drives her fingers, yes, but yet there’s a sense of further darkness, steps forward towards a quitting of the human race. I almost regret giving her a perfect the last time around, because Dheghom is clearly better, but hey, if you can maintain a perfect score on this site with each release, that means you accomplished something I think.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

kariti – Dheghom
Lay Bare Recordings

Cover Art: Laura Sans Gassó (photographer), STRXart (layout)
5 / 5