Black Hate – V​í​a Purgativa​:​Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt (Spiteful Blackened Death Metal)


Uh oh, they’re back! Black Hate was one of the bands that really set off Deaf Sparrow after the site redesign in 2013 with their incredible, and imo greatly underappreciated Los Tres Mundos. From that point they seemed to constantly break their own boundaries, or rather destroy their own edifices to build something upon the ashes. Dishing out a new full-length roughly every four years, I kept holding off because, well, you know my thing about cover art. This time around they bring their categorically awesome sound, revamped yet again, but with a cover that more successfully defines their image. Get ready for V​í​a Purgativa​:​ Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt (holy shit that’s a long one lol).


First off, yeah let’s get past the question some may have if you’re an idiot. In case you didn’t know, Black Hate has nothing to do with race, it’s black in the sense of vile, dark, and sinister, get it? Now that that’s out of the way, let’s considering this, their latest work. Mexico has a hefty scene, but for blackened death metal of the obtuse (as in difficult to comprehend for provincials) kind, Black Hate has always been one of the greatest. As in previous work, their ability to constantly push their own abilities is absolutely astounding. After a ritualistic intro, they delve quickly into complete dissonance and extremely dense mosaics of vengeful riffs and vocals (God, I just love those angry moans). Just when you think they’re hitting into a solid groove that’s going to dictate the rest of the tracks, Black Hate mixes it up, smashing direction, chanting, suddenly dipping into a groove that has you smashing your own face in, and then breaking it apart. There’s a reason they’re still around, and will likely be around.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Black Hate – V​í​a Purgativa​:​ Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt
Concreto Records, Odium Records

Cover Art: Cold Poison
4.6 / 5