Negative Prayer – Self // Wound (Repulsive Body Horror Crust Metal)


Oooo this one has some power behind it. I guess it has to since it fits easily into the crust metal genre but yet… I don’t like dropping tags often, but Portland, Oregon’s Negative Prayer can definitely be rooted in that as well as the tradition of d-beat, yet, hmm, there’s something different here… Different is usually good, and here’s proof.


What it is, imo, is raw beast power. Negative Prayer have a thicker, rougher sound with stronger metal licks than big names that might come to mind. Further, they hit a sick groove on each track that goes against the usual d-beat drum pattern grain for more complexity and energy and the vocals, though they tend towards the real-world horror of the human race, come from the throat of a monster as opposed to an angry tween who’s behind on one month’s allowance. Less direct and political with their themes as well, as the cover shows, Self // Wound is more about self-destruction with a touch of body horror.


Negative Prayer Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Negative Prayer – Self // Wound
Chaos Records, Life After Death

Cover Art: Adam Medford (Strange Creatures Collages)
4.4 / 5