Nemedian Chronicles – The Savage Sword (Legit Conan Metal)


When a band takes an idea and makes it so blatant in everything they do, most often disaster ensues. Examples aren’t necessary, just trust me on this. But, here, with Nemedian Chronicles we find the standard broken. It’s not going to happen in this case. Conan will never fail us. Even though everything about this is so unabashed about itself and should fail, it cannot, it did not. For Conan is king. Everything about this album, and band, is Conan. Conan-obsessed doesn’t even cover the depth of Conan here. The band name, Nemedian Chronicles, is from Conan. The album title, The Savage Sword, is from Conan (well the magazine specifically, but still). The cover has Conan on it and various references to Conan adventures. That’s right folks, this is essentially “Conan metal” and by Crom does it rip.


There are lots of Conan references out there. Hell, there’s a band called Conan, you certainly know them, but do they know Conan? Sources reveal no. Have they at least read some of the comics if not the books? Sources reveal no for any other band that claims Conan as a theme, but not Nemedian Chronicles. There’s knowledge herein of all things Conan. For that alone it deserves a look and I said it up there, but just to remind you, The Savage Sword rips. This is, in essence, power metal with NWOBHM elements, but saturated with Conan themes to absolute perfection. You’d think that would come off as so much banality, but man it’s amazing what this French sextet (actually maybe a quintet for this album?) accomplished for what is a debut full-length. The sound is epic in the Hyborian Age sense with sweeping riffs, bard-like singing, and lyrics so dense with actual Conan knowledge you’ll feel like an amateur fan. This is a rare occasion where such a standard theme has been transformed into something so effective you’ll actually want to read the goddamn books.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Nemedian Chronicles – The Savage Sword
No Remorse Records

Cover Art: Mario Lopez
4.6 / 5