Psychic Teenage Bloodbath II (Sexy Insanity Psychic Ultra-Violence)


What another wild ride from Carl John Lee. A 10-year gap between the first book and this one, Charlie finds herself with Lynette, although it just…isn’t her. Susan, her ex-psychic girlfriend, who caused a massacre years before, now occupies the mind of Lynette. And she makes no effort to hide it anymore. Still bitter and even more vengeful and crazy, she locks Charlie away, rapes and beats her. When Charlie speaks to a lovely young woman at a party she has been allowed to go to, she finds herself in moments of peace away from Susan, but she knows the decision to speak to the stranger will cause her pain in the end. This is where the real story begins, when Charlie is exhausted, and death calls to her in the way of a car crash she purposely causes. From there, the plot is mindbendingly brilliant, really on point for Lee’s usual kind of writing, the kind that gets into your head (kind of a plot joke) and in ways that make me wonder, what happens to the mind and soul when we are gone? Susan throughout is sinister; she goes so much further than the previous book. I think there was a lot of effort here to make sure she trumped her deaths from the first book, and she most definitely did. But not only that, I got to see her more for herself.


“Hulk… listen to me,” said Norman. But Hulk was not listening. The big man drew back a fist. “Please God, no,” said Norman. But God was nowhere to be found, certainly not when Hulk rammed his fist into the screaming man’s anus. Unable to look away, Norman trembled in shock as Hulk forced his limb inside. At first, it seemed it wouldn’t fit. But as Hulk’s brawny arms flexed, and he dug his heels in, the tender flesh tore with a stomach-churning squelch. Soon, he was up to his wrist in the ruptured orifice, a flood of murky shit and dark blood flooding from the man’s ruined asshole and steaming on the snow.”


Although she wasn’t this was when Charlie first met her, this is her new now and has been for over years, she is evil to no bounds and does everything in her power to make not only Charlie’s life, but everyone she comes into contacts life, absolutely hell. She most definitely still uses the psychic ability, and never for good. There’s a singular chapter that I will love forevermore. I won’t give it away, but I will say, it involves an army of very good boys who do very good things to help Charlie’s cause, and actually I kind of cried a bit. If you pick this book up, fellow reader, you’ll know exactly what I mean. And if you have owned dogs yourself, this will touch you right in the feels too. Chapter 25, you have my heart entirely, amongst the blood and gore and mental torture. Once again, another fantastic, gory, and intriguing read from Carl John Lee. And most definitely a brilliant sequel. Thanks for the good boys revenge.


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Written by Arianne, Sovereign Deity of the Damned

Psychic Teenage Bloodbath II (2023)
Carl John Lee
5 / 5

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