Hideous Divinity – Unextinct (They’re Good Technical Death Metal)


Here’s one of those bands I seem to recall scanning through at some point, but quickly forgot for unknown reasons. Big names I tend to avoid because they already have substantial fanbases and it maintains my false belief that I’m totally vndergrovnd by just not paying attention to them. New Cannibal Corpse album? Deleted. Lol. Digging the Dracula reference on the cover by Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustrations) of this one, I figured, eh, why not? Let’s see what Hideous Divinity is bringing this time since they’ve been around for nearly twenty years. And when was the last time I reviewed an Italian death metal band of any genre? Hmm. So okay, what makes these guys so big? Oh, shit, yeah, that’s right, they’re good.


I haven’t reviewed anything by Century Media since Broken Hope’s comeback in 2013, dang, but again, I generally avoid big names just to be stubborn, really. Couldn’t this time. For technical death metal Hideous Divinity cuts to the front in rapid time and maintains the position to the finish. Though their approach lends nothing new to the equation, it’s undeniable these guys are good at what they craft and for that Unextinct crushes. I suppose that’s one of the amazing things about Hideous Divinity. In spite of an easily defined style, they’re so damn good at it somehow it’s at a different level. They ignore the bleeding, seeping blisters on their fingers and hands as they plow through section after section, but in addition the presence on this one is darkly massive. It’s an overwhelming, epic ship coming with a ruinous storm that wipes out an entire city, but the captain is definitely not dead at the wheel. Yeah, figured I’d tie the imagery together to end this one, please forgive me.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hideous Divinity – Unextinct
Century Media

Cover Art: Adam Burke (Nightjar Ilustrations)
4.7 / 5