Lustmord – Much Unseen is Also Here (Deific Dark Ambient Drone)


What hasn’t been said about living myth Lustmord? Around since 1980 and with connections to practically every important industrial, experimental, etc. act since then and before, there’s little I can add to the mix that will make him feel more godly. In the hordes of mere mortals bowing to his aural vistas I’m barely a gasp, no worse, barely a whisper, wait no worse than that, barely a conception of breathing that has yet to begin. For something this deep you need to get deep to feel sensible with your opinions, and Much Unseen is Also Here proves why legend remains legend.


Here is the true god of ambient, if you didn’t already know. Lustmord never fails, and for a musician who’s been around this long, never slipping from his path, which gets steeper and more difficult to traverse every release, success is never assumed, it has to be earned. But, apparently, it was earned long ago. Much Unseen is Also Here is a dark, bleak trek through landscapes of musical dread. Lustmord is something of a conjurer, and here is conjured vast, ruined remains of humanity, overseen by dust and rusted fragments of civilization. Having already recently graced the soundtrack of indie FPS Scorn, he continues here to craft terrifying stories, musical images that leave the mind forever changed and the soul forever dark. The impact of this kind of musician is difficult to explain, it is rather something that must be individually grasped, and with Much Unseen is Also Here, yet again, Lustmord proves why he is, without a doubt, the god emperor of the genre.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Lustmord – Much Unseen is Also Here
Pelagic Records

Cover Art: Wayne Barlowe
5 / 5

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