Dödsrit – Nocturnal Will (Melancholic Blackened Metalpunk)


What an interesting combination of genres this one is, but regardless, musically, it has one of the most emotional presentations I’ve ever seen out of anything going that “blackened” route. Pause, like the armored knight above, and take a breath before you listen. Sweden’s Dödsrit have been releasing full-lengths since 2017, this being their fourth, all to generally high acclaim. With a metalpunk edge, and a deep connection to their homeland, their latest, Nocturnal Will, proves why the praise will likely continue.


I like how the press release for this mentions that Dödsrit was “shrouded by Gyllbergen’s mist,” which makes it sound like it’s referencing some sort of Swedish epic poem, but actually it’s just a nature preserve lol. Joking aside, the location is definitely preternatural, and Nocturnal Will is musically analogous. With their majestic sounds, Dödsrit hearken to forgotten eras, like many bands of their type, but yet their dagger-stabbed cries to rise from the ashes removes them from the usual thematic nostalgia. This is a call to all metalpunks, and those yet to join the horde, so raise thy blackened sword and conquer the modern world with heroic abandonment!


Dödsrit Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Dödsrit – Nocturnal Will
Wolves of Hades

Cover Art: Burney (batdog)
4.7 / 5

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