Scavenger – Beyond the Bells (Genre-Defining Female-Fronted Heavy Metal)


I am so sick of hearing about goddamn Savage Master. Just stfu. They’re so goddamn overrated it makes me rage to the point of quitting existence. I’m not even sure how the fandom started, but what’s the point, because by now you’re probably wondering why I’m going on a tirade about a band not named Scavenger, which is this band, with their new album Beyond the Bells. Listen, here’s the reason. You people still don’t get it. Themes are meaningless for a band of this type if the lead can’t carry the music. Though Scavenger contains none of the original members and strangely kept the name while resurrecting like 40 years later (lol holy shit) they are set to absolutely crush everything, but especially false hype. This is legit female-fronted heavy metal that defines the usage of the tag.


I hate even mentioning the “female-fronted” thing because what’s it matter? A lead’s a lead, if they can do it. The point is that far too many fake fans raise fake flags to the idea without actually paying attention to what the lead is capable of doing. In Savage Master? Absolutely nothing. I mean it’s some of the weakest goddamn vocals I’ve ever heard. But Scavenger? Wow. Not only is the music absolutely epic in range and tone, but Tine Callebaut is a deity for everything related to vocals. Her style, her range, her carry, her energy, this is perfection. If fandom was based on actual skill Scavenger’s latest lineup would fell forests of Savage Masteresque bands in a single sweep. Since this is new band in essence, it’s going to be shameful if it doesn’t happen. Top it off with a classy cover by Colombia’s Subhuman Being, and you’ve got a release that determines a genre’s future if fans actually get a clue.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Scavenger – Beyond the Bells
No Remorse Records

Cover Art: Subhuman Being (Luisa Agudelo)
5 / 5