Wizordum (True Retro Fantasy FPS)


Golddang it this is sher fun. I don’t know why I started like that… But, what’s done is done and it’s time we moved on to Wizordum, indie fantasy FPS from Emberheart Games where hyuck stereotyped countryspeak doesn’t make any sense. I first got a glimpse of this one via some GIFs I saw somewhere, and it instantly reminded me of pre-Doom forgotten granddaddy of this kind of thing, Catacomb Abyss (1992). Wanting to relive those old shareware days of swapping floppies, I was more than happy to take the key from the PR team, download that shit, and get to slaying the legions of chaos in some superficial fantasy plot that sounds like HeroQuest but plays like Warhammer.


Wizordum is, in two words, super fun. Taking the role of one of the last mages of Wizodrum sanctuary, your goal is to destroy the forces of Chaos, released after an ancient seal was broken. Sounds like some kind of Games Worshop plot, to be honest, but wow does it work well. As with any FPS you have the expected difficulty settings, a variety of weapons to gather (magic-focused, for the most part), and tons of secrets, some of which are exceptionally difficult to locate. But, for those of you who love that FPS magic, Wizordum even includes a level editor feature where you can craft your own labyrinths like a real DM, except without the necessity of reading hundreds of pages of rules. The names Heretic and Hexen have been dropped in relationship to this one, but that’s misleading. Take my namedrop instead, it’s more legit, and far more accurate. This is fantasy FPS action from a time when you probably weren’t alive, but you’ll wish you were.


Wizordum Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Emberheart Games (developer) and Apogee Entertainment (publisher)
4.6 / 5