Caustic Phlegm – Putrefying Flesh (Putrid Intestinal Leak Death Metal)


There’s not much one needs to do to describe a band called Caustic Phlegm. They’re going to be caustic, and there’s going to be much phlegm expelled. The Xerox rot cover further exemplifies the sputum. With as short as I can be on descriptions, this release itself is short, being a reissued demo on 7″ (as well as other formats). Luckily though short on total runtime, Putrefying Flesh is not short on chunky content.


There’s a surprising amount of depth to this. I’ve heard a ton of reissued demos, sometimes with extra features. Putrefying Flesh is the bare minimum in this regard, in consideration of the Hells Headbangers 7″, with nothing new added, but in their defense, there was no point; it retches on its own two sticky feet. Some may revel in that buzzsaw-type feedback of the bass and guitar, but the real strong point of Caustic Phlegm is the vocals. Plenty of bands, usually of various niche grind types, utilize effects to render the human voice nonexistent, but here it’s actually goddamn gross and doesn’t sound idiotic. Every syllable this putrid soul coughs out sounds like his throat is coated with blood, or as though something wrong is bubbling in his stomach, seeping from the other end. I’ve heard “keep it sick” a number of times, but this is one of the few times I’d say it’s possible unironically.


Caustic Phlegm Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Caustic Phlegm – Putrefying Flesh
Necroeurcharist Productions, Necrolatry Records, Hells Headbangers

Cover Art: Band
4.5 / 5