Nachts – Privileg (Pre or Perhaps Post-Suicidal Black Metal)


What in the hell kind of horrid past did this guy have? I knew I was going to get more sadness out of this than I bargained for, but holy hell guy, what did life do to you?! I have a penchant for the more emotional veins of black metal, depending on how it’s worked. Depressive, suicidal? Good stuff. I like to feel bad about myself. Germany’s Nachts I would not categorize as such. This is the kind of depression and heartache that leads one to consider suicide, stare into the abyss, and then decide to keep on going with full grasp of the realization that one’s life is totally under one’s personal control. Talk about a truly dark state of existence. Now you have the, heh, Privleg to experience it yourself!


Black metal of this type always seems to come out of Germany, but never have I heard it uncertain of its suicidalness. Is this pre or post-suicidal? Nachts creates interesting riff patterns that eschew what you’d expect; at times they’re experimental, at times so dissonant they pull minor scales into their own void, or shift into unusually mystical and eerie patterns. But, personally, my favorite element of Privileg is the vocals. Nachts is suffering, and he shows it constantly. His throat rips open when he wails, and he seems to lose all personal balance at certain moments, completed encapsulated in his own agony, considering the end, yet again. There’s thus a theatrical presence to this album that combines well with the emotional elements, so listen as Nachts gives his final oration as the theater burns to the ground around him.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Nachts – Privileg
Crawling Chaos

Cover Art: Valkenstijn (Martin Falkenstein)
4.3 / 5

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