Winter Survival (You’re Cold and Psychotic Survival Horror)


Winter Survival is one of the harshest and coldest survival games, in a literal sense. You get attacked as soon as the game starts. I’m like, wait, give me a second, let me make a weapon first, take me out to dinner first before you try to attack me, lol. Developed and published by DRAGO Entertainment I had the opportunity to play this one before the release date (March 6, 2024). I was excited to see what it would bring, seeming different and fresh. The controls are similar to every other survival games (nothing new there, lol). Like many of its type, you must eat, sleep, and drink to survive; Winter Survival adds a twist with the “insanity meter.” Going insane while running for your life is a bit crazy.


Running, and then boom, here comes an undead animal in your face. I found that you have to pick what your hallucinations or nightmares will be as you play the game as a skill point. I chose to see undead deer or other animals torment me. What makes this game different is you start in the most unforgiving manner in a winter snowstorm surrounded by wolves and suffering from slight psychosis. The only available chapters currently are the Introduction and Act I. Let me tell you, I died so many times from fall damage to being attacked by savage wolves constantly. The wolves were beyond annoying, especially with no weapons. I was running for my life, basically the entire introduction. I almost thought I was playing a soul-like game, lol. We all know how frustrating those can be. Winter Survival shows promise and progresses nicely if done correctly.


Winter Survival Official Steam

Written by Toni, Gatherer of Bones

Winter Survival
DRAGO ENTERTAINMENT (developer), Heartbeat Games (publisher)
4 / 5