Rabid Grannies (Horror Comedy More Like Gorror Comedy)


Get ready for more Grade-A Troma quirkiness with Vinegar Syndrome’s new release of Emmanuel Kerwyn’s Rabid Grannies. This one has been the stuff of legend ever since 1989/1990 when Troma and Media Home Entertainment released their horribly cut VHS edition. Rumors that this was an out-and-out gorefest a la Demons swirled through the underground and reports that close to ten minutes of graphic gore had been chopped out had fans scrambling for bootlegs. Welp, the nice people at VS finally answered your wishes and this release is all that and more. Two grandmothers host a birthday party in their estate in Belgium. As their wicked and mean-spirited family members converge upon the scene like sharks in a feeding frenzy, an ancient curse triggers bizarre reactions and turns the sweet old biddies into cannibalistic demons hellbent on violence and destruction. Much fun ensues.


Rabid Grannies is a very stupid film made by smart people, so the best way to watch this one is to just turn your mind off and let things happen. There are isolated moments of genuine tension and fear scattered among the goofiness and nobody lied when the rumors ran around about this movie being bloody. This could be one of the goriest films I’ve seen in a dog’s age. Serious splatter going on in this one. The video history of this film is a little complex, so my advice is to skip the Troma BD completely because VS have transferred this bad boy from the original negative and the results are smashing. Never did I ever believe that this film would look this good. The dubbing is still as cheap as ever, but it works in the context of the film. I didn’t get around to any of the extra features, but I’m sure they’re good. Forgive me? Anyhow, if you’re desperate for something unique yet still want blood and guts, Rabid Grannies is going to work for you. Dig in, tune out and drop dead.


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Written by David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence

Rabid Grannies (2024 on Blu-ray)
Director: Emmanuel Kervyn
Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome
4.3 / 5