Haunted House Renovator (First-Person Horror Building Simulator)


So, I just got a key to play the Haunted House Renovator demo! PlayWay S.A. is a household name when it comes to simulator games. The demo was a must-play because it’s spooky, scary, and a simulator! I get to renovate a haunted house and potentially be terrified simultaneously. Heck, yes! You start by taking over your grandpa’s business, who happens to be speaking to you from beyond the grave (ironic, to say the least). A ghostly grandpa texting from the grave is oddly satisfying. You’ll need to find all the necessary tools to complete the job.


Haunted House Renovator gives Phasmophobia meets Ghostbusters vibes. You use UV flashlights and cameras to identify the undead and catch ghosts. And let’s remember to clean up ectoplasm! I even saw some rats and bats along the way, haha. The highlight of the demo was capturing a bat out of the bathroom. Though a demo where I only experienced a few things to get a feel for the play, I jumped more during this simulator than I did playing Don’t Scream (literally, lol). Imagine being spooked by a statue you already know is their attempt at baby horror (rookie mistake, for sure). There are plenty of tools, puzzles, and things to clean up in Haunted House Renovator and even as a demo it took me about an hour to complete, so I must give it a solid 4.5.


Haunted House Renovator Official Steam

Written by Toni, Gatherer of Bones

Haunted House Renovator
Image Power S. A. (developer), Image Power S. A. and PlayWay S. A. (publishers)
4.5 / 5