Vulture – Sentinels (Retro Speed Thrash Metal Screaming from the Pulpit)


Great example here of a band evolving over the course of its career into something greater. Germany’s Vulture are still relatively new to the whole retro thrash (with some speed) scene, but in that short time they’ve learned how to hone their craft, constantly reworking and revising before release, becoming a general force in their home country. Their latest, Sentinels, is proof of concept. They’re coming at us this time with a berserk flair to stir you up and give you an adrenaline rush for a few days.


Opting for even more of a theatrical edge this time around, Vulture aren’t simply involved in metal worship, they’re involved in metal preaching. With vestments of spikes upon spikes upon leather upon leather, their sermons are Old Testament doctrine with New Testament revolution. The writing in Sentinels is more clean, more thorough and carefully constructed, going beyond mere retro. I don’t think I found even a moment’s rest in all the sick riffs and solos, but, of course, the vocals with their calls, chanting, and moderately spiteful delivery, are what present the whole package. I was never entirely impressed with this five-piece until now, so I suppose it’s time to get into the game.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vulture – Sentinels
Dying Victims Productions, Metal Blade Records

Cover Art: Mario López (Mario Estuardo López Morales)
4.8 / 5