Sarcasm – Mourninghoul (Swedish Existential Death Metal)


This one shouldn’t have been this good. I mean, I’ve heard of Sarcasm, but I always though the name was a little, heh, sarcastic, and found it tough to step further than a few brief listens because, well, I wasn’t sure how serious they were. I curse myself for this grave error. Death metal, from Sweden in particular, probably can’t be anything but awesome so what in the hell was I thinking? And in spite of the silly portmanteau they pulled out with Mourninghoul (ugh), this album is perfection. Prepare thy soul for introspection and deep depression.


It is an odd name for a band of this caliber though, right? But Sarcasm will destroy all sense of irony in a few seconds. Swedish death metal cuts at a different depth. Here, therefore, expect to find that inescapable distortion and melodic direction. However, the element that few seem to get is that many bands of this type create an atmosphere of existentialism. The lyrical content focuses on a ghoul, thus the title Mourninghoul, wandering Earth and the abyss as it contemplates its miserable existence. As per the promo sheet, and totally true, Sarcasm create a musical journey and with the variety of additional elements like keyboards, piano, and even mournful, clean singing, it’s super top notch in this regard. Philosophically so, if you will. The writing is absolutely impressive, featuring riff runs that briefly pull you from the sense of angst Sarcasm creates, drawing out one last breath again and again until you hyperventilate and contemplate your own meaning.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sarcasm – Mourninghoul
Hammerheart Records

Cover Art: Andreas Christanetoff (Armaada Art)
4.7 / 5