The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (First-Person Survival or Killing Chain Saw Horror)


So, you know that movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, right? There’s now a new game, and I must say I was impressed. If you’re a fan of Dead by Daylight or other asymmetrical horror games, you’ll definitely want to check this out (I believe it to still be available on Game Pass, for all my Game Pass folks out there). This game is based on the original 1974 film, so even better if you are a horror movie fan! In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you can play as either the “Family” or the “Victims.” If you choose to be part of the “Family,” you can play as Leatherface, The Cook, Hitchhiker, Johnny, or Sissy. You have to keep Grandpa alive by feeding him blood, but he’s not playable. Honestly Sissy became my main really quickly. My runner up was always Hitchhiker. Sissy and Hitchhiker are similar in the sense that they can get through cracks, crevices and small places. All of the characters have “abilities” as well, Sissy’s ability is “Bane,” which allows her to craft potions and set them as traps around the map.


As a “Victim,” map knowledge and breaking ankles and camera views are important. You also get some perks to help you out. Truth be told I only played about a dozen matches as the “Victim” lol, it’s just not my thing. I always like to be the character bringing the pain. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a lot of fun. The developers are always adding new stuff to keep things fresh and if you’re wondering how it stacks up against Evil Dead: The Game, it blows it out of the water. Finding another asymmetrical horror game that can compete with Dead By Daylight has always been a real struggle. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre stands on itself and holds its place very well as competition to say the least.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Official Steam

Written by Toni, Gatherer of Bones

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Sumo Digital (developer), Gun Interactive (publisher)
4.2 / 5