Obscurial – Heretic (Puncture Wound Death Metal)


Alright, let’s start with this is probably the best metal band to come out of Malaysia, ever. I don’t want to hear about anyone else after this, and don’t you dare try to say “well, what about X,” because I’ve heard it all and I know already. Don’t try with me. As usual I look at the art, if it provides eye-catching horror, I listen, then research. Not that it matters where Obscurial comes from, but this level of intricacy and technique I, sorry to say, don’t believe I’ve ever heard come out of Malaysia. These murderers are likely the start of a real revolution that could rival that of Chile or anywhere in Central and South America. Look out down there the war could soon begin! With a boost from Memento Mori for this particular release, they’re likely to become far less obscure.


I feel kind of like the violated, vaguely feminine figure with locusts coming out of its head on the cover of Heretic after listening to it (several times, by the way). After opening with a splendid sample of a witch eating children or something, Obscurial wastes very little time getting to the point, or rather several points in the form of repeated stabbings (musically speaking). Everything about this is sharpness. The riffs are delivered with a crisp, crunchy edge, the vocals deep cuts, and extra touches such as slowed solos and keyboards for cultish presence, fill out a solid sampling of fine puncture wounds. They don’t simply slam, they command, with some of the best presence I’ve heard in awhile.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Obscurial – Heretic
Memento Mori, Necrolatry Records, Violence in the Veins

Cover Art: Arifullah Ali (kanvaskarat)
4.5 / 5