Vesseles – I Am a Demon (Dysphoric Black Metal)


Alright, so I thought really hard about reviewing this one. In the end, obviously the choice was made, but it was largely for thematic and philosophical reasons (and quite a bit of research) than it was the music. United States symphonic black metal act Vesseles aren’t pulling out stops for I Am a Demon musically speaking. If you’re a fan of earlier Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth in the Midian period, you’re going to dig it (the band is very clear on their sound, btw). But Vesseles differs from pretty much everything I’ve heard for one specific detail that provides another layer of meaning to this debut.


Body dysphoria, or general dysphoria, is all over the place these days, but the most curious avenue of this, which took clear root with the Vampyre subculture, are people identifying as something other than human. You may have heard whispers of the term “otherkin” for this reason. This is exactly the root of Vesseles, which is headed by Valira Pietrangelo, who identifies as demon to the extent that she appears to have engaged in some form of body manipulation or at least dresses the part, quite literally (I could find no actual verification either way, but it’s likely a costume). Already an experienced musician with some impressive skills (including piano), Pietrangelo transformed herself, down to her inner essence, into a new form, and this is what I Am a Demon is exactly about. It’s an introspective journey through a dysphoric mind, providing depth and honesty through touching insight into the human condition. For the music, you’ll enjoy it on a basic level for symphonic black metal, but the core is the title, which gives it more personal expression.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vesseles – I Am a Demon

Cover Art: Band
4.1 / 5