Hässlig – Apex Predator (Raw Blackened Punk)


Oh man, oh boy, oh Jesus. See that album title? Apex Predator. Are you feeling a little base? A little beta? Are you a little weakling in spirit? Are you psychologically impotent and in need of an unmedical boost? Well, listen here, Spain’s Hässlig will put bubbles in the blood, get your mouth frothing with rage, and from the resultant combustion will emerge, like a phoenix, an inhuman monster. An Apex Predator!


I always wanted to be an Apex Predator and now, with the raw fury of Hässlig, I can achieve this dream. And you will too. Stomping upon the weak, this particular release carries a raw dissonance. The music is readily discernible, yet strident at the same time. One feature about solo project that’s notable is the ability to maintain this sound through different approaches. Some tracks burst forth and continue until you’re left unaware they even started, whereas others enter into a dirty groove that easily catches hold of that inner monster you’ve been waiting to unleash. Another fine release from Sentient Ruin Laboratories, for certain, and one that is certain to make you your own Apex Predator.


Hässlig Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hässlig – Apex Predator
Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Cover Art: Stefano Della Bella
4.6 / 5