The Vampire (Obvious Title First-Person Survival Horror Adventure)


We were graced with a brand-new vampire game at the end of March. What’s there not to love about a vampire? This time, you control a vampire hunter named Cooper, a clear reference to the iconic vampire slayers Buffy and Blade. For the movie buff, I left Van Helsing (2004 film) out because he was more of a monster hunter. In The Vampire you’re placed in a “Vampire Mansion” where the first words you hear are “the only ones to survive are vampires.” You complete challenging and slightly irritating puzzles, and search for keys, candles, and torches. The Vampire is also full of jump scares, the ones that really catch you off guard. It reminded me of the typical investigatory horror game but with vampires, which made it ten times better. There’s nothing better than a good vampire show, movie or video game, I mean let’s be real.


Truthfully, The Vampire does stutter in certain areas graphically, but what indie game doesn’t when it releases on Steam? The mansion itself is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful; the graphics are a perfect compliment to the time period this is set in. Wait, how could I not talk about combat? The main objective is to defeat the vampire bride and end the recurring cycle. Combat is challenging, but you have a variety of weapons and abilities available. However, there’s a catch. If you get caught by a vampire, you’re sent back home. Do not forget to take your medication before entering the mansion again. SJ Games did a great job with this game and the way it stands right now, and with the replayability, The Vampire is a solid single-player first-person horror adventure game.


The Vampire Official Steam

Written by Toni, Gatherer of Bones

The Vampire
SJ Games (developer and publisher)
4 / 5