Unearthly Rites – Ecdysis (Finnish DIY Crust Death)


Well, hmm. This is the second release of this type I’ve reviewed this particular week. One where there isn’t much that needs to be said about it. Everything can be read at face value. In fact, Finland’s Unearthly Rites follow some pretty standard paths in their construction of DIY crust death, yet it’s so much better, which leaves one in need of an explanation. Was it a lucky production run? Did everything just turn out good for this release? Or is it something else? Like the album title, Ecdysis, which is a shedding of old skin, Unearthly Rites is emerging from the corporate waste of modern society as a new form of metal being.


I think I shed my old skin too. Ecdysis is big-boned and deep in ways more bands need to consider for progress. Perhaps it’s the gunk-covered bass, perhaps the oil-soaked guitars, or maybe the water-damaged drums. But without the totally consuming vocal delivery of Sisli, it would likely be a different album, and probably a different band. Unearthly Rites just nails it through these features. This album’s a desperate plea from the earth to breathe, but instead deciding to suffocate. Under the old skin is a new form, yet one that’s already rotted. For that you will praise Ecdysis until you also succumb to human waste.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Unearthly Rites – Ecdysis
Iron Corpse, Prosthetic Records

Cover Art: Jennika (hevijevi.art)
4.8 / 5