Primitive Warfare – Extinction Protocol (State of Nature War Metal)


Okay, this might be the first time I’ve said this, but more metal bands need to use World War I for aesthetic purposes. Not what you’re thinking, I mean that gritty, water-soaked, rat-nibbled, barbed wire strangulation kind of aesthetic. Not the aesthetic of “war is hell,” like so many have attempted, but the aesthetic of “war is the state of nature.” So show me those rotting bodies piled upon each other! Show me skeletons writhing in positions of horror prior to death! Show me buildings toppled by explosives to only gain a few feet of advantage in a war that killed off all innocence! Humanity is hell! Show me Primitive Warfare!


Pretty sure these guys descended from illegitimate children born in the rotting human muck (true story) at Verdun. Extinction Protocol is a successful contract of musical destruction signed in tetanus-infected blood that no demon intercessor, nor Satan himself, would accept. Leaning in the direction of archaic destruction by prehistoric humanity, Primitive Warfare define themselves sufficiently and further the definition in form. Riffs are delivered like flak through the heated nozzle of a Vickers gun to the point it almost melts. The victims are many, and mostly innocent.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Primitive Warfare – Extinction Protocol
Godz ov War Productions, Stygian Black Hand

Cover Art: Band
4.5 / 5