Altar of Gore – Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies (Savagely Putrid Death Metal)


Is this another case of “yep, that kind of band” or “yep, that kind of album?” In some ways, but not all, I’m very pleased to state. Altar of Gore is a fairly established member of the New Jersey disgusting metal scene, which is filled with horrid rejects like Blasphematory. Said scene is rather tight-knit, allowing a wallowing in each other’s putrid musical disgorgings that consistently leads to releases so horrid absolutely no one who wants to feel clean will touch them. Adding to that stew is Altar of Gore’s latest, and best imo, Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies.


I’m rather amazed at how many listens in I’m at with Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies yet am not sick with it. Altar of Gore are deep in their retch, but there’s always a new bit of human remains to find in it with every spin. Impressive, because this is pure humanity-hating, decomposition-loving savagery that cares little for explaining itself beyond that. The tone is thick and cavernous with vocals gurgling out of a swamp of limbs piles, and it sticks to this format throughout. For as straightforward as they play, Altar of Gore are a clear front for greatly disturbing things (and sickly obtuse solos) unlikely to bore even the most underground of us.


Altar of Gore Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Altar of Gore – Litanies of Unceasing Agonies
Nameless Grave Records

Cover Art: Taylor Smith (The Coven Zine)
4.8 / 5