Ensuring Your Place in Hell 2 (It Just Gets Worse Extreme Splatter Horror)


Oh Jesus Christ. Just oh God. I called to the Lord so many times reading this and I’m not even religious. I managed to give some summaries of the first collection, talking about which was the best (can you really used best when it’s violently gross?) but this time…I just can’t. If you have any trigger or even if you don’t, you will be disgusted. You’ll want to take the hottest shower, wash with bleach and probably throw the toaster in the bathtub. Stephen Cooper’s first story “Put a Curse in You” is about as low and depraved as it’s gotten for me. I was fucking disturbed to the max. I’ve read everything I thought I possibly could’ve in terms of what others may see as triggers when reading extreme horror, but this story took the you shouldn’t include kids in extreme horror remarks and ran so fucking fast and far with it, Mo Farah wouldn’t be able to catch up. I actually contemplated skipping it, and I never do that. I did in fact continue, because I know the whole idea of the Ensuring Your Place in Hell series is to push the reader to such a point that, I think they kind of want to see who will flake out and who won’t. I was definitely close. You won’t beat me guys!


“Her teeth released, and he tried to pull out of the hole but sliced his dick on the jagged metal. Blood rushed down his thighs, peppering his khaki shorts with crimson spatter. Then her teeth sank down again, on the head of his dick, and he howled in agony. Her teeth were punishing, unforgiving. They tore into him. He could feel her using the weight of her body to pull him back through the hole again, all the way to the root. His balls squashed against the cold metal, trembling with the shudder of his body. He cried. Tears streamed out of his face. He wailed, spit hanging across his screaming maw like a snarling Doberman. “What the fuck?!” They were the only words he was able to get out as more metal sliced into his prick, carving its way around the whole base. TING! He looked down to see a bloody straight razor land on the ground by his boat shoes. From beyond the hole,  fingers nimbly peeled the skin from his dick like some second foreskin, de-gloving the blood-filled meat of his cock.”


The story this extract was taken from (“The Gory Hole” by Erica Summers) was just what I needed after such a full on brutal attack of my eyes and mind, and it doesn’t even matter that a guy got his cock degloved. I’m taking that over the first story anytime! I think, in general, it’s safe to say that Ensuring Your Place in Hell 2, some how, I’m not even sure how the authors managed to do it, is so much worse than the first. I genuinely thought it couldn’t. But here they are, more depraved, more dark and full of some of the worst things imaginable. At times I really wondered if I should continue or if I should even be reading at all. But I know that all of us extreme horror readers carry on to find “the” book. The one book that makes you so disgusted and makes you want to take you whole entire brain out and boil it just so you don’t have to think about it again. I think this book is “the” book, for me. At least for now. I know if there’s ever a third one, and God forbid there is, it’ll beat this one out of the water. Truly horrid, true splatter punk and most definitely extreme horror.


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Written by Arianne, Sovereign Deity of the Damned

Ensuring Your Place in Hell 2 (2024)
Otis Bateman, Stephen Cooper, Erica Summers
Splatploitation Press
Cover Art: TinFoilHead
5 / 5