Spiter – Enter the Gates of Fvcking Hell (Still True Vampyric Metalpunk)


Well, let’s see if the link to this one with the slightly altered title will make it through the censors lol. Because Spiter would most certainly not use a V in the place of a U. Since the lead is from Shitfucker, I mean, come on. However, though the laughs of that band are well-developed, Spiter is, in my opinion, the best project from Richard Spider (aka Demonbitch, and others). Blending that raw energy of old school punk with actually frightening horror-styled themes (mainly vampires) and death, this trio has been rising quickly and sickly. We’d like another full-length now, but I guess an EP will do, so let’s delve into ENTER THE GATES OF FUCKING HELL (all CAPS from band).


Spiter have the sound of this type of approach down and so easy it’s in their blood. But, let’s be real, many bands can make the same claim. For this type of music, most often, playing is the easy part, it’s the presentation that needs careful attention, and the majority of bands fail. Part of the package is the lead, as well, another point of failure for most. Not Spiter. Not ever. Richard (aka King of the Cemetery, and yes others) and his chaps are full in. The vocal delivery incorporates a number of interesting elements, leaning at times towards a 1950s rock n’ roll approach, but yet you realize 200% the voice behind the words is literally a vampire. The screeching is literally from a vampire. These guys are literally vampires. This isn’t some The Misfits let’s put on costumes bullshit, these are legit vampires (or better yet vampyres if you get my meaning) that will scare the shit out of you. Feel the riffs flow like the blood from your veins after a well-placed bite, engage the dead, engage the dark!


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hells Headbangers

Cover Art: Band
4.7 / 5