Fractal Generator – Convergence (Experimental Blackened Math Metal)


Ah, this reminds me of how much I loved…calculus. You heard me right. I loved that complex combination of symbols that looked like fucking magic wards to the uninitiated. The fools! If only they understood the true depth of calc! So with a band referencing math that even PhDs have trouble explaining, and titling an album Convergence, I’m already excited but certain thoughts arise. Are they pompous? They must think very highly of themselves if they dare suggest their music enters different dimensions, so to speak? Will any of it make sense or will it stand as a display of extreme technicality for the sake of impressing the listener? A number of bands have taken this route, and mostly failed at it. Can Fractal Generator go against the path of the many and truly prove that math is cool?


Convergence, the band’s third full-length, delves deep into realms of math better left unknown, and largely speaking, is successful in this regard. Fractal Generator, true to their name, contort metal reality with the skill of a triple major who only focused on obscure math topics. There are lots of intricate patterns within and plenty of space to develop their sound, at times mixing ethereal components like odd moans, piano, keyboards, and others that fits the demonic sci-fi themes. It requires a full listen to truly grasp, and as a whole you’ll be impressed with the wonderful textures to the thick backgrounds and the riffs warping into deformed patterns that will crack a smile on a metalhead stuck in a musically desensitized coma. But, at times, when they attempt to blend that approach with instruments outside of the norm, it feels more superficial than integrated (note for example, the cringe keyboards at the 2:50 mark on “Encephalon”). These moments are, however, few, and Fractal Generator are largely successful in convincing the listener that math nerds are brutal. Enter another dimension of rage with Convergence!


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Fractal Generator – Convergence
Everlasting Spew Records

Cover Art: Mark Erskine (Erskine Designs)
4.5 / 5