Königreichssaal – Psalmen ‘O’ Delirium (Irreligious Medieval Blackened Doom)


Poland keeps pressing creativity to the limits of metal, let me tell you, case in point Königreichssaal. I could start with a number of things, but let me begin with the fact that the bassist is in his sixties and possibly the father of one of the younger chaps within this unholy trio. Why mention that? Don’t underestimate your forefathers, fools. Next up, if you’re anybody at all in the underground, you’ve certainly heard the esoteric style coming out of Poland (Gruzja one of the most recognized), but can we have an official name for it already? It’s not black metal, it’s not blackened punk, it’s not doom, but what the hell is it?! Perhaps we can make a final determination with Königreichssaal’s latest full-length, Psalmen ‘O’ Delirium.


Let’s start with this. Whereas Gruzja is, at times, intentionally humorous, Königreichssaal is grim and Psalmen ‘O’ Delirium is true to its meaning. Bleak, confusing, and anguished, Königreichssaal express the Germanic influences on Polish culture and its resultant rejection. Songs here are constructed like Catholic edifices, filled with icons and the glow of candles through stained glass, but instead of providing sanctuary it provides befoulment. The chords develop delicately, at times, but rely primarily on discordancy, which leaves the listener with an unsettling sense of foreboding after nearly every track. Combine that with vocals that actually emulate weeping, this album is best experienced unclean, single, and irreligious.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Königreichssaal – Psalmen ‘O’ Delirium
Godz ov War Productionss

Cover Art: Krzysztof Powałka
4.8 / 5