Hellbutcher – S/T (Covered in Spikes Blackened Speed Thrash)


Yes, hmm, yes. I must admit I was hesitant about this when I first heard of it. Having listened to Nifelheim extensively, and still on occasion, for many years, I, like many, lamented their disbandment in 2022. Though, let’s be real, it was technically years before that as releases slowed and we’d get a mere bite here and there. Regardless, lead Hellbutcher did some screeching for other bands before and after, but we always wished we had more of that Nifelheim-styled, biting, sharp speed death that defined their work for so many years. Is it finally here with his new project or it this a death gasp of something already decomposing? Let’s check out the first full-length, self-titled Hellbutcher of course, and see if our needs are satisfied.


If there’s one thing to be said about Hellbutcher’s intent, it’s that this is metal. Not just black metal, but at least two decades worth of tradition combined into one release. Fans of Swedish style will notice clear bows to the past, but yet an opening of the curtains to a future stage. There are elements present in this S/T that feature the raw aggression of Nifelheim, the threatening cacophony of Devil’s Force, and the weird esoterism of Servants of Darkness. But, important to note, this is not merely a homage. Hellbutcher is forging his own transformation here with elements more unique. It’s more produced, yet the energy presented is the core essence of metal with enough spikes that you’re poked in the eye regardless of distance from the stage. In many ways Hellbutcher is a tome of tradition, but seeks to forge ahead commanding underground metal armies in their quest to endlessly sheath themselves in patches like so much scale mail. At times straightforward, affectionately so, the past will spring before your eyes and awaken your need for evolution.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hellbutcher – S/T
Metal Blade Records

Cover Art: Martin Jonsson
4.5 / 5