Cainites – Revenant (Melodic Vampire Metal)


Vampires and metal, does it every work? Um, yep. I’d say “case in point X” and drop a few names in there, but why do that when we’re currently considering Cainites? Let’s start and end there for today. Is it really vampiric, though, sir? See, that’s the key with utilizing the vampire as a theme in any type of metal (or any darker genre, at that), the more obscure, the more vague, the better. Too direct can lead to too cheesy, ugh, and we want to avoid that at all costs. Italy has its fair share of esoteric bands pushing the mystical limits of different genres, but vampires, ew, tricky topic! Few can do that! As you’ll find in Revenant, however, the first full-length of this undead duo, vampires are cool when at the hands of masters of the blood-letting craft.


Taking a slight Eastern Orthodox direction in theme, Cainites is clever, and more hidden with their vampirism, as it should be (never forget the Masquerade!). The name itself is reference to a few things, but the initiated will realize quickly it’s a common term for vampire in the World of Darkness tradition. That alone will draw in the true fanatics for a glance, at least, but Cainites are not merely vampires on the surface, their particular blend of melodic death metal brings nightside dominance to its musical conclusion. Revenant features a great sense of the theatrical. Riffing is direct and purposefully, and the mixing of atmospheric sections works to the band’s advantage. Summoning the unknown LARPing vampire in thee, Cainites work the angle exceptionally well. One of the reasons for this is the vocal delivery, sounding like an obscure Carpathian sect long thought dead; they chant, moan, and whisper from a rotting pulpit. The vampires you imagine ruling the world surreptitiously don’t have widow’s peaks, they don’t wear trad Goth attire, they don’t do any of that. They hide, mysterious, pale, and silent. That’s what Cainites do. Worship the vampire god.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Cainites – Revenant
Scarlet Records

Cover Art: Band
4.5 / 5