Construct of Lethe – A Kindness Dealt in Venom (Psychologically Chaotic Death Metal)


Wow we got a lot going on in this one, and cool to see another Virginia band grace this site since it now gives me an excuse to creep on them in their hometown, which is not far from me. If I were to provide a one-word explanation of what to expect out of Construct of Lethe, I would say this: their work is deeply psychological. As in terror, horror. That kind of psychological. I had heard Construct of Lethe before, and already digging the mythological references and such, like the cover of Exiler, featuring a painting by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl, I was further inspired to give them a more thorough listen. Something always seemed overwhelming about their style, but having been deep in it this time, it’s not just an experience, but a life-altering introspective implosion.


I’ll say it again, these guys are overwhelming, but I feel initiated now, so that’s good. A Kindess Dealt in Venom has several important features. There’s a great amount of variety in the sound and presentation. Dense riffing, blistering and dissonant solos, odd tempos, and philosophical rants (lyrically speaking) roaring from the mouths of a life-hating monsters. Each track can practically stand as its own album, no joke, but there is never a lack of cohesion to the entirety. With sweeping, orchestral moments tossed in for further development, it’s not an album that’s easily to leave behind, it sticks with you and transforms you, weaving itself into the psychological structures of your life before, now, and forever.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Construct of Lethe – A Kindness Dealt in Venom
Transcending Obscurity

Cover Art: Kishor Haulenbeek
4.6 / 5