Trog – Horrors Beyond (Devolved Horror Death Metal)


I don’t know what the hell that monster mess is on the cover of the first full-length from New Jersey’s Trog but I like it, a lot. Previously, and fairly recently, known under the name of “Troglorot” (whatever the hell that meant), Trog is mainly interested in death metal devolution, both musically and thematically. If you’re looking for some regressive style in that regard and obsessed with things of the rotting flesh, it is strongly recommended you consider Horrors Beyond. But what else is herein?


Fairly impressive for an independent release, this one shows a sense of comfort. Horrors Beyond sees Trog developing their sound more consistently. Whereas previous work seemed a smattering of different styles, and even bands, at times, this one is easily considered within the old school in general, and not anything in specific. One missing element, however, is the utilization of variation, such as the brief synth in their last EP, which was a welcome deviation from the usual. Vocally, Trog is strong, however, with a number of layers and clear command of depth. As such, Horrors Beyond is an easy listen, it will get you snuggly in the OS, but nothing about it breaches too far past the line. Perhaps, in the future, we can see some further development (ahem mix that synth in there), but currently, for an independent release and a first full-length, we’ll take it with all the skin drippage we’ve known before.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Trog – Horrors Beyond

Cover Art: Emile Roy
4.1 / 5