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Boar – Veneficae

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Boar – Veneficae

Let’s kick it back and get high even though we’re straight edge (sorry, but it’s true for the editor anyway).  How can you do such a thing, get high without the necessary substances?  Easy, with modern doom and/or stoner, though the latter, being clearly about “the high”, would be your best option.  Interestingly, you have […]

Rorcal / Process of Guilt –  Split

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Rorcal / Process of Guilt – Split

It’s always difficult to decide what to do with splits.  Sometimes we have a battle between bands, our own imaginary battle, and the victor gets to claim the title that results in some words posted on our site here and that’s about it.  Or, we ahave a new feature called “SPLITting Headache”, but decided it […]