Roadkiller – S/T (One-Guitar Biker Punk)


I was immediately drawn to the cover of this EP, because, um, look now, skeleton thing and it’s riding a motorcycle whilst wielding a chain. And it’s riding over skeletons. I mean basically it’s some Ghost Rider shit without breaking copyright law, but this album most certainly breaks the law(s) in another way. Thought I was about to blast it? Think again and peel out on bones before I explain it to you. I’ve listened to Roadkiller probably 43 times already and I’ll do it again. So vroooooooom. Start that throttle scum, you can download it for free below, or just stream it on the site here. Vroooooom.


This duet’s been called thrash and heavy metal, and those elements are certainly present, but they’re more correctly punkened thrash (copyright this site 2018). This S/T is the dirty, scum-crusted, peeling-wallpaper Philadelphia sound that’s been more noticeable as of late. Consisting of only two members, one on guitar spattering blood from her lungs upon your 1980s kutte, and drum dude, Roadkiller break a cardinal rule you’ll overlook: no bass. Typically, as much as bands try, no bass equals no good. It’s as simple as that, I don’t need my usual pompous style to explain it. But here the barrier is broken. This is not to say it wouldn’t be better with extra thickness, it just doesn’t need it, because the lead, who likes to keep herself unnamed, slices open your stomach with her riff knives while downing the beer that pours from the wound without the need of a beard or podcast. It may lack density, but since it pushes more towards punk and rather incorporates metal instead of the other way around it ends up a face smash against onto the road that drags you from the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida until not even blood remains.


Roadkiller Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Roadkiller – S/T
4.3 / 5

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