Ols – Widma (Dark Pagan Folk With Yarn Skull)


I was hesitant to review this at first, primarily because Poland’s Ols has an ass ton of fans already and is quite prominent in the dark folk underground. However, I decided it was necessary on two counts. One, I rarely get stuff like this, and two, everything else I was considering for review sucked so I had to give in and do something to justify my web hosting fees. Does Ols need more presence? No. This review is less than a drop of antimatter in the cosmos to her, but, again, when do I ever get dark folk that’s worth a moment? Ols absolutely slays dark pagan neofolk or whatever you want to call it, so why not just review this shit already?


Usually when I receive dark folk there’s someone sporting pseudo-pagan face paint, twiddling skulls in fire or stick art, and I roll mine eyes as “sigh here we go” resounds. Christ, this dziewczyna has yarn too? Good grief. But Ols is clearly different, if her fan numbers aren’t proof enough. Perhaps it’s my Polish ancestry, those ancient whispers awakening from her hypnotic sounds and chanting, or perhaps the Slavic race simply has the old world forever in its blood and you can’t help but go heathen when you hear it. Whether or not you can understand Polish, the Slavic languages simply have a sound that echoes ancient mystery, and it will never go away. By the end of Widma you’ll find yourself on your knees raising your hands in the air to some unnamed forgotten god you wish you knew. Easily one of the most solid dark folk albums of my recent memory, perhaps all of it. Beautiful structures, delicate darkness, all the good stuff.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Ols – Widma
Pagan Records
4.8 / 5