Eternal Rot – Putridarium (Bowel Disgorging Groove Death)


Oh man what a filthy groove. Stuff like this is hard to hate. Downright impossible in most cases. Or, at least in the case of Eternal Rot it is truth to speak as such. I’ve heard these guys before but I can’t remember what led me to pass on the review. Either I got the promo too late or I didn’t like the art, or something to that effect, but the sound was gold. Here it’s gold with a freshly vomited cover and a filthy title that exemplifies what these guys are about. Get ready to let your bowels disgorge all of your inner, melting organs as you rot into the Putridarium. That’s literally what one is for, by the way. I’ll keep it short today.


How has Putridarium not been used as a band name yet? It’s been an album title at least once, strangely in the same year as this one, but anyway let’s get into it because you need this shit fast and now, not tomorrow. Eternal Rot waste few moments of precious time showing you what this is all about. Putridarium has an awesome sense of balance, with its tempo catching an awesome pace through drums focused on the beat rather than the beating. But Eternal Rot balances this, more importantly, with a skilled sense of making it all noxious at a high level of production. Lots of dangerous lines are successfully traversed here, from the retching vocals to the low-tuned stomach-throbbing riffs, bringing it together in a way few bands can accomplish. All-around awesome and worth a limited vinyl purchase, if I do say.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Eternal Rot – Putridarium
Godz ov War Productions
Cover Art: Mark Riddick
4.5 / 5