Oppress – No. Pity. (Repugnant Feast on My Loins Ambient Black Metal)


Well here’s one that looks dumb if you crop the art the right way (go back to main page). Jesus lady face so sad? Oh, and she’s, oh… Props for the Aubrey Beardsley look, it’s for sure something most people will miss, but now that we’ve got past the cover how fare the tunes? Do they spew forth from a tainted genital crevasse in order for us to feast? Oppress came out of nowhere and annoyed me via email enough that I was like jeez okay bro and gave it a listen. Certainly glad I did, for this is one of those albums you only notice if someone bothers you about it. No. Pity. provides a number of black metal angles, at times coming together with chaotic fluidity, at others somewhat stiffly.


No. Pity. draws together a number of curious approaches, the overall path being serpentine with sudden jerks and twists. A metallic, tomb-like presence fills the space with disembodied moaning and shrieks that completely break your sense of impending patterns. At times it slows and moves towards ambient despair, such as the atonal chiming that makes up the entirety of “Cruelty Alarum,” but then Oppress will draw back into form with a style that reeks of 1990s basement BM. If there’s anything negative, it’s that No. Pity. lacks a sense of fulfillment. It experiments with a variety of ideas, but not necessarily in any sort of unified form. Each track could almost stand as a sample from separate albums, in illustration of the point, but still the complete disregard for popularity or expectation is something that, for once, is hardly a negative thing.


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Oppress – No. Pity.
K.V.N.T. Kolektiv 
Cover Art: O.G.
4.1 / 5