Angel Morgue – In the Morgue of Angels (The Redundant of Blasphemous Death Metal)


I was trying to figure out why in the hell I enjoyed any bit of this after a few listens in spite of its seemingly redundant approach. I mean just look at that cover. Though cool, it couldn’t possible be more redundant. Titling an album In the Morgue of Angels when you’ve already covered the angel, and morgue themes, in your band name, stinks of a complete lack of anything but redundancy. But you had to also go and make the cover about both concepts in one? It couldn’t possible be more redundant, and if you can’t tell I’m being redundant on purpose I feel bad for you. There’s a certain “on purpose” going on here as well, but somehow it turned out alright in the redundant end enough to breach its own redundancy.


Angel Morgue are yet another band to redundantly blaspheme the angel image. We’ve got corpses, I’m pretty sure rape out there somewhere, and now here’s the morgue they all end up redundantly. Featuring a bunch of dudes from other bands you’ve never heard of, Angel Morgue somehow manages to not be entirely redundant in In the Morgue of Angels, and I finally figured out why. This is death metal, blackened and blasphemous, we’ve got that redundancy out of the way. Dirty chords, sickened vocals, yeah all that redundant stuff. What these guys do better is groove. They redundantly rip and slam, for sure, but what grabs is a number of key moments that focus on slower beats instead of blasting it all redundantly to hell. It’s the sense of momentum they build in the slower sections that makes it just a bit above the usual redundancy. Considering they only have one demo prior to this, Angel Morgue show some promise, but as with any new band that remains to be seen, to end this with one of my most redundant of lines.


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Angel Morgue – In the Morgue of Angels
Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Art: Jef Whitehead
4 / 5