Siege Column – Darkside Legions (Xerox Notebook Torture Art Filth Metal)


Ah yes, so happy to see these guys emerging again from their rank cavern dungeon along the rotting ship banks of New Jersey filth waters where they lurk. And I love getting out mouthfuls of cruddy words to say it. Siege Column already perfected their socially awkward, emotionally abused metalhead scribbling murder art sound, and I’m pleased to say they’ve taken it one step further, ever so slightly, with their latest xeroxed mess of torture fantasies, Darkside Legions. Known for relying on unpolished production and antiquated equipment, they’re here to do it again, yet develop at the same time. Amazing! Please puke on me.


Siege Column’s previous work was already a wall of gutter trash, but here they’ve taken a more muted approach, which surprised me at first. The immediate advantage is riff cuts that are far more audible. The immediate disadvantage of this mellowing is a loss of their vulgar sound. This is a problem that requires something to neutralize it, which, thankfully, these basement rejects figured out. Darkside Legions has the same Eurotrash torture horror scribbled on notebook margins during study hall you’d expect, but what allows Siege Column to retain their style without the whole thing turning timid are the vocals. Lewd and vicious, they keep these guys where they’ve always been while the music allows them to grow. Nothing beats a band that retains its essence while finding ways to expand, especially with such a purposefully coarse approach.


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Siege Column – Darkside Legions
Nuclear War Now! Productions
4.6 / 5