Occult Burial – Burning Eerie Lore (Sacrificing Saplings Occult Thrash)


I knew this would be good when I saw the band photo with three dudes sacrificing a with torches, or it may have been a sapling, and one is looking all spooky while in the process of growing balder and totally doesn’t give a shit if you notice. Thrash has proven one of the more versatile styles in metal the past decade, with bands like this pushing it further in areas it manages to retain a strong retro sound whilst giving a little space for newness. Burning Eerie Lore gives a partial occult spin with 1970s Euro-trash horror aesthetic to a withered tradition that proves it can still get that shit up.


Occult Burial can certainly chug. Also, they do the riff-run horsey trot well, but like most of thrash it relies heavily on a good lead to truly take shape before you. With track titles like “Temple of Mutants,” that’s most likely going to happen. And on Burning Eerie Lore it certainly does. The delivery here is less harsh than I often find with darker thrash, fashioning more of an arcane yelling and moaning that fits the older riff patterns well. Like some sorcerer consumed by flames at an execution, his words resound over the thrashing like a banshee, and it does a hell of a lot of good. Dark, yet self-deprecating at times, Occult Burial prove they can not give a shit, yet also give a shit when those solos jeez boi come out of nowhere.


Occult Burial Official Bandcamp

Occult Burial – Burning Eerie Lore
Electric Assault Records, Invictus Productions, Stygian Black Hand, Temple of Mystery Records

Cover Art: Patrick Zöller (Karamzid)
4.5 / 5