Children of Technology – Written Destiny (Pay Your Child Support Thrash Punk)


Yeah I like Motörhead now, but it’s because of Children of Technology. I know, Lemmy had sex with eight kabillion women and that makes him a rawk star because he did it while snorting dishwasher powder and drinking Tide and then had kids he refused to acknowledge unless they soloed on stage with him once in awhile to cover up his muddled “pash me a anudder pint” vocals. Screw child support what’s that got to do with rawk en rool me lubbers? All that shit’s so stupid, though I like me some Motörhead riffs, but only because Children of Technology play them better. Lol.


Bands like this can’t afford not to pay child support because they don’t have the disposable income to spend on anything else. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll? Let me make sure I can get a nanny first. I have no clue if anyone in Children of Technology has kids, but I’ll pretend they do and I’ll also pretend they’re still in committed relationships unlike the majority of fools who think rawk equals creating abandonment issues whilst singing about social justice. Lol k. Written Destiny is where it’s at for us parents who rawk and take care of the kids. Thrashed up punk with a bit of speed without the “I got me anudder one pregnint” downer after. It’s fun, energetic, powerful, angry, and it makes me want to waste money on vinly [sic] that I’ll enjoy with the kids instead of without them. Got to get those traditions, friends.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Children of Technology – Written Destiny
Hells Headbangers Records

Cover Art: Velio Josto
4.5 / 5