Severed Boy – Tragic Encounters (Body Horror Death Doom)


Well here’s a repulsive crusher I can utilize to summon various references to awful things of the human body. I figured with the dejected lump of grief flesh on the cover it would be so, but sometimes you don’t know. Cover art is only the beginning of the journey, never the end. Featuring two members from Lunglust, Massachusetts bodily filth pile Severed Boy have oozed onto the scene with this debut of death doom unwillingly expulsed during quarantine that’s sure to seep from your bowels like a bleeding, cancerous polyp. Warning, body horror analogies abound herein because that’s all I got today.


Tragic Encounters is a pile of human muck. It’s a revolting ooze of riffs, a collection of cuck and puke spilling from infected armpit glands. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of this one is the old school, yet revised sound it carries with its echoing, rasping vocals and atmospheric solos. Yet, it knows its place in the repugnant spewing of offal that is its chosen aesthetic. Dissonant like a gurgling duodenum preparing to expel unprocessed bile stones, Severed Boy come hacking, coughing, and covering you with phlegm from infected lungs and also spleen matter. Lovingly dreadful.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Severed Boy – Tragic Encounters
Caligari Records

Cover Art: Fred Grabosky
4.6 / 5