Charnel Altar – Abatement of the Sun (Vile, Life-Ruining Blackened Death Doom)


Well here’s an album that will turn you into a godforsaken, lowest form of scum. I mean this is just some of the most disgusting shit I’ve heard in awhile. Total garbage liquid. Total vomit feces. Total bile clot. That’s about what Charnel Altar’s latest rot pile is, something like that. Abatement of the Sun takes all of the good of black, death, and doom, puts it together, masticates, feeds that to you, induces regurgitation, and then does that about ten more times until it places it into your buttocks and makes you hold it there until it turns into diarrhea. This is the filthiest. Your life is over.


I mean I basically said it but what do you want? Goddamn details? Everything about Abatement of the Sun will ruin the listening pleasure of many a metal fan, and good I say. It sounds vile. The vocals gurgle with blood drawn from rot, the drums sound like they’re made of dried skin, the guitars are run through a heart made into a Bluetooth device, I mean what else do you need? This is filthy shit! You could take a bath every other hour and it wouldn’t wash off the stink of Abatement of the Sun. It will ruin you. It will ruin friendships. It will ruin your life.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Charnel Altar – Abatement of the Sun
Blood Harvest Records

Cover Art: Stewart Cole (Rotten Realms)
4.8 / 5