Tormentor Tyrant – S/T (Primordial Hate Metal)


Over the years I’ve shortened my review length as more and more people forget how to read. Who reads anymore? But today I’ll be even shorten than usual, because there is little to say. Finland’s Tormentor Tyrant, fresh with only two singles before this EP, have supplied my current need of bestial power sufficiently.


I’m generally a man of few words, so let’s summarize this EP in record time: hate metal. Tormentor Tyrant is not just tyrannical, not just tormenting, but both of those together holy shit. And true to their moniker they crush and burn the listener rather quickly. As such this type of primordial death is not, of course, a thing of the “new,” but you probably won’t care much anyway.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Tormentor Tyrant – S/T
Everlasting Spew Records

Cover Art: Giorgio Spevo
4.3 / 5