Maschinenzimmer 412 – Malfeitor (Swedish Black Industrial)


Gold daing I’m so happy to finally get something like this worth my time! Honestly, Cold Spring slams this type of stuff any time I receive a promo from them, I just haven’t been into much of the artwork lately, but this one sold me, superficially and deeply. Still, let’s be a little honest, I don’t like reissues and I’ve heard this one before! Lol, damn, guess I have to go against my usual mantra of don’t review the already reviewed. Mainly because you probably never heard of this one anyway but you most definitely should have. So, let’s get you started.


Originally released by the legendary Cold Meat Industry back in 1989, Malfeitor still pounds like it’s modern. I first heard this one at an old record store in Pittsburgh around 2001 or so, over a decade after its initial release, and I felt like I needed initiated into something I didn’t understand. Maschinenzimmer 412, today known as Mz.412, forged a distinct sound quite early. The hauntingly dark atmosphere of their music was described as such by many, with its ritualistic ambient atmospheres, pulsing electronic sounds, and otherworldly, metallic emanations of uncertain origin; at times organic like chimes, at others the death rattles of rusted machines. For its time, Malfeitor was otherworldly, and it’s amazing it still carries this sensation even today. Back then I knew so little about the underground and was only just beginning. Today, you’d think with all the experience I’d find it trite and archaic, but clearly they developed a sound that was its own idea. I rarely do reissue reviews, but in this case it was absolutely necessary. Technically, it’s somewhat different in that this is a remastered version for 2022 using the original 4-track tapes that has a noticeably clearer sound throughout, with new artwork, but even without those details I’d review the damn thing.


Maschinenzimmer 412 Official Site

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Maschinenzimmer 412 – Malfeitor
Cold Spring
Cover Art: Abby Helasdottir
4.6 / 5